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Festival of Personal Finance is Up

January 29th, 2007 at 02:14 pm

The Festival of Personal Finance is now up. Get some reading in as you drink your fourth cup of hot tea/coffee on this cold, cold morning.

Since I'm always up for a good chuckle on Mondays, I got a good laugh from Frugal vs. Cheap by The Stubborn Capitalist. Do you save money by not paying your bills? Do you help yourself to your neighbor's magazines, newspaper, heck even their veggies? Guess what, you may be cheap.

I contributed my say about commuting to the festival. A word about my little ventures; I've made an overall vow to develop writing into a hobby. Contributing to this personal finance forum, as well as these festivals, is a good form of writing exercise. My hope is to work on developing more of a personable style, as well as to experience writing in different genres. My daily work consists of writing for medical journals and FDA documents, which is very technical and academic. Therefore, it is interesting (for me, at least) to compare my work-related writing to my hobby-related financial blogging, and hopefully I can learn to be a better writer overall from all this!

The Festival of Under 30 Finances is Up

January 26th, 2007 at 01:43 pm

This is my first time participating in The Festival of Under 30 Finances, hosted this week by Golbguru. Check it out at

Text is and Link is I haven't had time to peruse the extensive list of entries but the main topic of discussion was how to handle debt in our 20's. Judging by the short descriptions, it looks like there's quite an interesting variety of answers from all us *young* bloggers (weren't we once referred to as Generation X or Next?).

Since it's going to be a cold weekend (at least here in the Northeast) why not settle down for some good financial reading? And as a personal favor (and "shameless" self promotion, harharhar) let me know your thoughts on my entry- if there's any ways I could improve in my writing style or tone. Thanks, and Happy Weekend to All!