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Handbag Lust

October 18th, 2006 at 02:00 pm

I'm actually very surprised at myself, this has never happened before, but I'm actually finding myself drooling over a dumb handbag. It is a nice burgundy/purple color, which is something I've been looking for, it is large enough to be a work bag. It is a Celine bag that retails at $1150 or thereabouts, but I have the opportunity to buy it for about $550 (consignment). I love discounts but damn! this is $550 we're talking about. Money that could be spent on so many other things, such as the following list:

-Plane ticket to wedding that I must attend + travel expenses that will inevitably pop up
-Bridesmaid gown for aforesaid wedding
-Shoes and all that crap bride insists her bridesmaids wear so we all look alike
-Bridal shower stuff for the bridal shower that I have no idea how to coordinate and throw
-And in non-wedding related stuff, the inevitable Christmas holiday gift season is upon us...and I have too many brandname-happy family members to consider =(

Sigh. Sometimes I just want to be able to spend on ME...

4 Responses to “Handbag Lust”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Can you put it in layaway until the holiday season & wedding is over - while making minimum payments on it until time to redeem it?

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    You work hard for your money asnd SHOULD be able to spend some of it on YOU....

    However, $550 seems like ALOT for a purse/handbag (Mine was $15 and I bought it two years ago--still going strong!)

    Have you ever checked out the websites where you RENT a designer handbag for a monthly fee?? This might be a less expensive way to get the look you want.

    Then again, I dont know much about the resale value of designer handbags...Is it possible that you can buy the bag, use it for a while and then resale at a decent price???

    Just some thoughts

  3. divinemsn Says:

    I love handbags and own a lot of them. I think the my most expensive one is just over $200. I cant justify spending that much on something that will go out of style in a year. Plus I look at other women who spend a lot on handbags and use then as a status symbol and I say "Ouch, they -or someone they know- spent a lot of money on a tiny piece of fabric". Unless its something that I know I will use for years I try to keep the price down.

  4. Bookie Says:

    Buy it! Buy it! Big Grin
    It's hopelessly extravagant and wildly self-indulgent. But . . . every time you look at the thing you can take comfort in knowing you're only half as crazy as the woman who bought it new for $1150.

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