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Is this cheating?

November 1st, 2006 at 02:21 pm

During my starving graduate school years, I learned the value of asking for student discounts. The most obvious (and used) place for this was at the movie theatre, where we paid only $6.50 as opposed to $8 (still overpriced methinks). One thing I was pleased to discover was local restaurants and even some take-out pizza/fast food places would throw us poor, hungry students a small (10-20%) discount. But the biggest Plus for me was using my student ID to get discount tickets to events (sports, concerts, clubs). Many times, prices would be slashed by 50%!

Now, a student no longer but still retaining my out of state student ID, I am wondering if I can still get away with the discounts. There is a classical performance in New Brunswick (let me know if anybody wants to attend with me!) and I am tempted to see if I can get away with using this "trick." I'd most likely be asked why I am in NJ if I'm allegedly attending Duke University, and I could lie and say I'm just visiting for the weekend. Am I being silly for pondering the ethical issues of lying? Or am I being smart? Or cheap, trying to shave off some costs of a $22 ticket?

***Thanks for the comments! I wasn't comfortable with the idea to begin with and this confirms my moral beliefs ^_^

7 Responses to “Is this cheating?”

  1. tynana Says:

    You are being smart but dishonest. What is important to you as a person?


  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    I completely believe in frugality and saving money wherever we can...until one has to lie, cheat or steal to do so. My moral compass is pointing towards dishonest on this one.

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    I've faced that question once upon a time.

    All that I can say is I never did it, even though that, given the right conditions I could have.

    I agree with the others. There's frugal and then there's fraud.

  4. fairy74 Says:

    Yep, this is cheating...

  5. koppur Says:

    Huh....OK, apparently I'm a bad person...I do this all the time. My grad school ID has no grad date/exp date on it. I finished grad school in May 2005. I still look exactly the same (same haircut even). I figure there will be plenty of time in the future when I can't use my school ID anymore, so I'm gonna use it as much as I can. I never thought of it as being a fraud or anything particularly negative. Got me thinking about it a bit now, and I admit, it's sitting kinda uncomfortable with me. But you know what? I'm still a single-income 28 year old with $15,000 personal debt and over $85,000 in student loans.

    I guess I'm a bad person, too. Smile

  6. LuckyRobin Says:

    You could always enroll in a cooking class or other adult enrichment class at your local community college, then you would still be a student. I don't know if you would get a student I.D. for that or not, but you would be a student, so then using your old student I.D. would be okay, as you wouldn't be lying about being a student.

  7. Snoopy2645 Says:

    Depends on the day lately I coudnt lie for the life of me sometimes in the past I have been so desperate I did things for discounts or whatever never stoled from anyone though I figure things like this are so expensive they make so much money whats $2 to them off one ticket ya know

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