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Silver Lining of Sorts

November 16th, 2006 at 03:03 am

I've been ranting a lot lately, really putting myself into a down mood with craptastic Eloan. Not like me to be so negative. So I want to thank everyone for taking time to leave constructive comments and support! You are a wonderful community!!

And now, to try and find some levity in all this muck, I thought I'd mention this surprise. As per one of your comments, I actually did go to, to warn fellow peers about Eloan's treachery by posting my review, and also to read the other reviews of eloan (what do you know, lots of bad experiences....should have checked here first). I actually have written reviews for this website in the past, but tapered off as I got busy with school- but I still remembered my account info.

Guess what? actually has a reward system! You get paid (not sure what the rate is) for the number of people who read your reviews. As people rate your review, you also earn money. Seems similar to how people can generate income from website traffic. Without me even realizing it, my account actually had a balance of a little over $10! Granted, I've had my account at epinions for two years, but since I hadn't gone out and vigorously networked/tried to direct attention to my reviews, I'm surprised I even earned that money.

I'm not saying this is some goldmine opportunity. But if you like writing and you like giving your opinions on products, movies, restaurants, websites (ahem, Eloan) etc... then it might be worth your while to put some reviews up and earn a little bit of cash.

2 Responses to “Silver Lining of Sorts”

  1. yummy64 Says:

    I'm laughing here. At least Eloans is giving you something other than grief and indigestion. Well not really eloans but epinion. But its close.

    I did quick websearch on the company. My they play it close to the chest other than the customer service numbers. Pfffffffffft.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Wow - I had NO idea - I better go write me some reviews!!!!!!!!!

    That is cool!

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