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Why you SHOULDN'T get a job

November 20th, 2006 at 11:46 pm

Found this rather, ah, interesting article the other day. I don't know exactly who this Steve Pavlina guy is, or whether he's writing tongue-in-cheek, but he has some pretty strong opinions as to why people *shouldn't* get a job:

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It would help tremendously if Mr. Pavlina got off his high horse. His tone is that of disdain towards those of us "bovines" who actually hold a 9-5 job. Among other things, he uses such enlightening adjectives to describe job-holders as "morons," "idiots," and "co-slave."

His most valid take-home message is that ideally, we should earn income by providing value to others. In other words, start our own business. Well. I will be the first to admit that entreprenurship is not one of my strengths. Not everyone has the training or innate knack for it. It's not a fault or an insult; not everyone can be a doctor, or a policeman, or detective or journalist.

What Mr. Pavlina fails to emphasize is that starting your own business is a job in and of itself. He brags about making $9000 (or "update: $40,000 a month as of 10/31/06") just from his own blog/website; he also dangles the unfortunate bait by asking, "Don't you think your life would be easier if you get paid while you were eating, sleeping, and playing with your kids, too?" Then he goes on to briefly describe "passive income" via websites, investing, or starting a business (*ahem! Who the hell says starting a business is "passive???"). These are the sorts of infomercial poison that entices Americans to shell out thousands of dollars for those "lose weight fast!" diet pill scams. Imagine! You can lose weight by just taking a pill and then sitting back! You can also make money just by starting a blog and then sitting back! Watch the money pour in!

Wrong. As many of you who make income from websites or selling on Ebay or providing a "service" as a side job, it is a job in and of itself that requires some time, effort, and management. In fact, for many, these "side jobs" eventually become full time work. I cannot imagine anyone simply sitting back and having money magically pour in (though that would be nice).

Lastly, what offends me most is how he ignores and alienates those of us who work and who actually enjoy working for our corporations and companies. We choose to work a salaried job and we enjoy doing so. And in the end, that makes us feel proud, too. THough unlike Mr. Pavlina, we don't need to go insulting other people to justify our work ethic.

3 Responses to “Why you SHOULDN'T get a job”

  1. laceshawl Says:

    Hmm, if this guy ever wants his car reupholstered, I or someone with a regular job like mine will be involved in taking his order and seeing the job can get done somewhere along the line. My boss has built up a very successful business, but he couldn't have done it without the help of his paid employees. He knows this, and treats us very well. Unless all these proposed businesses are one person businesses, the owner needs to hire help.

  2. jersey jen Says:

    well, i think the idea here is to create a passive (or residual) income, in which you do the work once and receive payments continuously. for example, dividends, rental income, royalties, etc. you see, people on
    Text is Forbes and Link is
    Forbes don't work for others, but rather, they're their own boss and have people working for them.

    Pavlina probably neglected to mention that having a successful blog took enormous effort to start. there is no easy money. i'm not saying having a job is bad (i have one too!). but we should use that to build passive income so that we can enjoy life! does this sound more reasonable to you?

    oh yeah, watch out for get-rich-quick scheme.

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    Having a blog in itself doesn't make one an expert of a subject matter. I think some people forget that sometime. (To be fair though, I too would do well to heed my own warning. Big Grin)

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