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Cash in my Wallet = Danger

December 12th, 2006 at 02:31 am

Unlike many people, I end up spending even more money if I pay for things using cash than if I use credit card. This odd phenomenom started during the two years I worked in NYC. There's always delicious street vendor foods or some deli/coffee shop along each block- multiple chances to duck in and grab a little something something. Now, if I yank out my purse and realize all Ihave are credit cards, I pretty much can't buy those tempting goodies, since those stores tend to have a minimum amount for credit card transactions (and street vendors don't take cc's). But if I have the it goes towards buying the random snack and coffee, and before I know it, the cash is all gone.

Even now, when I"m not working in New York, I will use my credit card to purchase groceries, but then I'll end up brownbagging lunch and/or cooking most days of the week. If I don't use the credit card, then I'll tend to shy away from making "large" purchases (each grocery trip is about $30-40) with cash at the grocery store and instead buy lunch every day (minimum of $5/meal) and also stop off at some restaurant/take out place on the way home from work every night and purchase a bunch of food (minimum of $10/dinner). So that means about $75+ worth of meals if I don't do the grocery shopping but keep cash in my wallet. But that's just my mentality.

3 Responses to “Cash in my Wallet = Danger”

  1. pjmama Says:

    I'm the same way, though like you, I've found that other people work very differently. I cant carry cash, or it will likely all be gone before I make it to the bank. It becomes a problem because I get paid in cash every night... I end up having to leave large sums or all of it at home until I can go to the bank, which ends up being pretty frequently... ah, the life of a waitress...

  2. baselle Says:

    Interesting. So is there a place that you can siphon off some of your dollar bills at all? For me, I generally get 40$, which sad to say, only lasts me 3-4 days. Usually if I buy something, I manage to pull the ones and put them in my tip box at work, keeping them away from my wallet.

  3. sarah Says:

    I very rarely use cash. I'll go weeks without spending any. I keep better track of spending without it.

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