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Last Gift- the Big One

December 15th, 2006 at 01:59 pm

I'm done with my Christmas shopping, and boy did I save the Big One for last. I decided to go ahead and buy my dad a GPS car navigation device. Usually he is satisfied with anything related to golf but this year he has been laying down the heavy hints about how much he wanted a GPS. As in, "You know, a GPS would come in handy with these roads," or "If I had a GPS I wouldn't get lost driving your mom to _______." So I am assured he'll like this gift.

Yes, I did spend $600 for the GPS. Yikes! I could have gone with a less-expensive version, but I decided to upgrade for several reasons:

- Did my research and chose to stick with Garmin, one of the more reputable brands, based on user reviews
-Chose to purchase a warranty so my parents would have no problems getting a replacement from a brick/mortar store (since electronics have a sneaky way of suddenly going kaputz)
-Wanted a device with text-to-speech feature, a screen that can be read in direct sunlight/low light, and one with volume that adjusts to car speed- safety features that reassure me that my dad won't be fiddling around with adjusting the device instead of focusing on his driving
-Simple interface/user friendly so my not-so-techie mom can figure it out when she plays the role of navigator

Definitely splurged on that, but I am willing to pay that extra $$$ to ensure peace of mind. And worse comes to worse, at least I know I can return it for no extra charges. But I think he will enjoy it (for many years to come, too!)

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