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Confounding Refunds

December 28th, 2006 at 02:31 pm

Happy holidays! I'm sure everyone is in the midst of vacations and time offs. Me, I am back at work and absorbing the overflow of projects due to the absence of half the team. No rest for the weary.

Anyway, aside from me working, I did read that this week would be yet another shopping frenzy, not only as people cash in their gift cards, but also to return unwanted or excess gifts. A helpful hint to all- keep your receipts!!!! Lots of scams going on from people trying to return stolen merchandise, which unfortunately could make the act of returns a big hassle for some innocent, honest shoppers.

I had to return an item as well, but since I'd purchased it online from, it was a matter of mailing back the package. I kept the same box, just peeled off the mailing label or xxx'd it out with black marker. had links where I could print out a UPS or FedEx label, then I just dropped it off at a nearby shipping store. There were some ominous "warnings" on the amazon returns page, stating how they'd deduct shipping costs and assorted fees from the grand total, so in theory I shouldn't be getting my full refund. At the time, I thought, oh well, that's the price I pay for convenience of online shopping.

However, I got an email from saying they'd received my item and they were issuing a refund. Somehow, despite them deducting fees of some sort, they added BACK an amount because I'd bought the item under the Free Shipping promotion....I think....I haven't bothered double checking the math but bottom line is, I got my full refund! Maybe I shouldn't probe too deeply and take it and run. Yay,!

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