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2007 Off to a New Start!

January 1st, 2007 at 04:51 pm

First day of a new year, first day entering the $20 challenge! This is a good way to keep track of miscellaneous out-of-pocket spending, while keeping in mind the Big Picture Goal which is my 2007 New House Fund. Yes, this is sort of like comparing a guppy to a whale, but a lot of little things can add up to something substantial.

My first entry into the challenge is $50, which is the portion of the money my relatives gave me for Christmas that I haven't yet allocated into savings. Ironically, yesterday I went shopping with my aunt and cousin and we went into Sephora aka cosmetics heaven. My cousin went on a crazy spending spree there, and I was sorely tempted to pick up a random eyeshadow or mascara here or there. But I have several unopened tubes acquired as freebies (never hurts to ask the ladies at the cosmetic counters for freebies) as well as too much makeup sitting around on top of my dresser (thanks to previous duty free spending sprees). So I held off the makeup bug and contented myself with playing and sampling instead of buying.

I think once the banks reopen, I'll deposit that money and save it for some other day. Here's to the New Year and New Savings!

3 Responses to “2007 Off to a New Start!”

  1. Amber Says:

    Way to go on the challenge and sticking to your guns by not buying a thing. I can never go in that store with out picking up something, therefore I stay out of there

  2. pjmama Says:

    I love Sephora, but I think it's Macy's that does me in with makeup... cant resist that M.A.C. counter... Smile Good job resisting the temptation! I try to steer clear of Sephora when I can Wink

  3. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Alright! Another passenger on the $20 Dollar Challenge Train! Shopped but did not spend and waiting for the banks to open to deposit money to savings! YESSSS!!! Way to go!Smile

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