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My Two, err, Three Cents

January 3rd, 2007 at 01:48 am

Found some pennies in the parking lot to add to the challenge; hey, every cent counts!

Current total: $50.03

Some more "rules" for my challenge:
- My car averages about 25mpg. The last price I paid for gas was $2.25/gallon, so that means for every mile I run or walk, I've saved 9 cents of gas consumption! That'll go into the pot.

- One of my vices is buying a soda at work instead drinking (free) water. I have started bringing my thermos to work and drinking hot tea at my desk, so I'll kick in $1.39 (the price of one soda bottle) for every work day I drink at least two thermos-full servings of water.

This challenge is addicting! Glad to see so many people getting on board!

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