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Fun Money Memory- 1

January 10th, 2007 at 12:14 am

Can you still recall the very first thing you bought with your own hard-earned money?

For me, I started babysitting in 7th or 8th grade. Wasn't concerned so much about the amount I got paid then by the fact I had a job! After a few sitting jobs I had $50. I couldn't wait to spend it, and the timing couldn't be better- it was my parents' anniversary. I hopped onto my bike and pedaled to the nearest shopping plaza, which contained a Hallmark store. Went inside and for whatever reason, the very first thing I bought was a candle for my parents. A candle, of all things. For my parents who I've never seen light or enjoy smelly candles. I can't even remember the smell other than "generic perfumey-ness." It was pretty, though, and blue (my favorite color) and about $20 bucks. I carried it home proudly.

When it came time to present the gift to my parents, I realized my mistake. They were pleased, sure, but even I could not miss the "huh??" look on their confused faces. If I had to do one of those "Mastercard commercial" interpretations of the whole scene, it would be something like this:

Price of candle: $20
Price of card: $3.95
Inherent worthniess/appropriateness of gift (from parents point of view): $-000000000000
Fact that daughter spent her own money for a gift to parents: Worth putting the candle onto the coffee table as centerpiece for the next 6 years (until daughter broke it by accident)

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