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The good, the bad, and....

February 27th, 2007 at 12:09 am

The Good: Got two rebates this past weekend, and not just for a couple of bucks; one was the long awaited Comcast rebate for $89.95, the other was $26 for a flash drive. Nothing like more money in the bank.

The Bad: Was this close to making a purchase online at They're having a suit and shoe sale, and I actually do need a suit for spring/summer, but geez, three items in the cart and it's already zooming upwards of $200. The only thing that prevented me from making the purchase was the 15% coupon code I tried to use wouldn't work. So I didn't buy anything....which might actually be construed as "good." But this just goes to show, it takes months to save but mere minutes to spend.

And now, The Ugly: My electricity bill came and it was $189. No joke. For my ridiculously small apartment. I had been trying to get away with not using the heater, but when I started shivering while in bed (and bundled beneath two comforters, a flannel blanket and my heaviest winter coat) I started keeping the temp at 62. I did raise it as high as 65 when my parents visited (and they still complained about the cold), but basically have kept it somewhere from 60-62. What this month's elec. bill is telling me is, in order to keep my apartment at a temperature that is barely tolerable, then I have to pay the price. And what a painful price to pay....

(I did do the plastic window wrap thing, blocked the draft beneath the front door, in case you were wondering. Is it possible there's just something intrinsically wrong with the heater itself, and could I ask the maintenance to "fix" it- whatever needs to be fixed?)

I miss North Carolina!

2 Responses to “The good, the bad, and....”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Have you tried an electric blanket at night? Yes, it takes electricity but much less than a heater. Or you could sleep with a couple hot water bottles, one at your feet and one at your middle. Keeping feet and hands warm is really the trick to staying warm at night. Another trick is putting a fleece or velour blanket under the fitted sheet. It really helps you keep warmer. And it is possible that your heater is not working right. Is it a baseboard? If so, I'd get a space heater, and turn the baseboard off and see if it makes a difference on your next bill.

  2. Nic Says:

    Space heater is what we use at night (and some days) in Utah. We have one that kicks on and off depending what the temp. is. Made by Holmes,it was a great find for $$22.00 and is over a year old.

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